Introducing Numeracy for
the First Time in India

ATOMS is all set to begin a movement #NeedforNumeracy to change a child’s dissenting
perspective on learning Mathematics. Join with us to introduce Numeracy for the first time
in India. Strong numeracy skills can help one change the world!

Know how Numerate you are !


AMA holds the active role to unlock the creative prospective in the young minds and coach them in a lively and participative format to generate readiness and preparedness to problem solve, reason and make informed decision.

Problem Solving

The entire infrastructure of ATOMS relies that a human brain can work 100 times faster than a digital calculating gadget that precipitate kids to apply the learnt problem solving methods into real life situations.


Logical reasoning plays an important role in the comprehensive development of a child and determines the economic prosperity and employment opportunity.

Decision Making

Students are taught to reason out various strategies to solve a problem and then decide the optimised method to find a solution. This will develop a strong foundation for research and development.

India’s First Biggest
Virtual Numeracy
Challenge is here to
awestruck you with
12 days at USA !

Numeracy Challenge is targeted at young students of I to XII standard and College (UG and PG) Students across India. It is designed to recreationally test participants’ numeracy abilities in a competitive yet collaborative, recreational and relaxed setting. The winners will be selected to go on a all - Paid Exclusive Certificate Programme with NASA and they would be a part of an engaging project with the astronauts. Other participants will be given attractive prizes with a merit certificate.

Open to all students between 1st to 12th students and College (UG and PG) students in six levels, Sub Junior, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Super Senior and College. This challenge will evaluate the student based on their logic and reasoning abilities.

What we do ?

Become the first long-standing learners of Numeracy and Change the worlds
vision on contradictory Mathematics.

Why learn Numeracy with ATOMS ?

Numeracy is primarily the capability to use, explicate and communicate mathematical information to solve
real-world problems It is essentially important to perform everyday job functions.

Centered On

We provide assessment support services that motivates learning. We provide events like Infinity Numeracy Challange and Olympiads. We have a competitive atmosphere to test students interest and skill.


ATOMS interprets child psychology. This will be useful to the students to effectively apply mathematical concepts in real life situations. We will be the first to deliver programmes through research oriented projects that leads to overall development of a young adult’s education.


The speed, accuracy and credibility of calculations provides students the gamesmanship and upraised numeracy skills. We help you reduce the dependence on calculators to solve simple and complex problems.


We are far away from the normal boring classes, we make sure that our classes are interesting and in a gamefied manner, This way, the kids would love to indulge in our lessons. We want learning to be a fun experience in every way possible.

Talent Developers

Our Students love us, check out why !

Before coming here, maths was a nightmare for me. ATOMS just isn’t a tuition but a place where I can explore myself. This is the place where I have fallen in love with maths. Here, every day I not only learn new concepts but I do learn values which is helping me in planning my future.

Rupesh Sahani
Grade 12

I had a very good experience and also interesting sessions. The way of teaching is so much fun. They teach us tough subjects in a student friendly format. I have learned a lot of shortcuts in maths and very interesting aspects in science.

Grade 12

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