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We are all born with a "Number Sense" 

Give your kids a lifetime opportunity to discover the mathematician in them !


The 10-Day Challenge

India's most wanted Numeracy Programme of the year !

“UNSOLVED” is a programme based out of 12 key Principles of Accelerated Mental Arithmetic that improves confidence and skills in numeracy. AMA Course focusses on three essential skill development – Problem solving, Reasoning and Decision Making. 

AMA Programme adopts three point approach that works well across all mathematical areas in developing numeracy in children




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The “UNSOLVED GENIUS” programme will explore your child’s interest in numbers  and kindle the inquisitiveness needed to become a mathematician !

The 10-days will be a lifetime gift for every kid to destroy their math anxiety and start thinking life a Math Genius! 

Let’s give them a chance to love math in a different way.

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    20th August , 2020 
    3 sessions per day

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Get 1 month FREE Maths & Science


In addition to online learning, you can take advantage of 16 sessions with our expert Talent Developers for Mathematics , Science and AMA. We will support you constantly by providing relevant tips, tricks or conducting Events for Numeracy Development of the child.


  • Do Faster Calculations

    The entire infrastructure of the ATOMS accentuates that human brain can work 100 times faster than a digital calculating gadget that accelerates kids to apply the learnt problem solving methods into real life situations. This would create a difference in approach for the subject. 

  • Makes your foundation strong

    ATOMS’ infrastructure and variance in learning experience will challenge learners to deliberate on math concepts, understand its application and attempt solving problems based on application with ATOMS’ expert guidance. 

  • Develop Interest over Maths

    It feels so good when you get a sum right and when you are persistent about improving your numeracy skills, this challenge will help you self-evaluate. All it takes is just your efforts to gain back your confidence in numeracy.

  • Outperform in your schools & competitive exams

    UNSOLVED  GENIUS Programme will mainstream your problem solving skills, enabling you to more efficient and systematic way of attending any competitive examinations. Unsolved programme smashes your math anxiety and gives you a fresh start with number crunching that will excite you to learn more.

Hooray ! We reached over 5000 Students  !

3 STEPS to be one more!

Step 1 : Sign-up and Learn

This is an online tool to help you improve your numeracy and boost your confidence. This interactive summer programme + challenge can be used at home, at work or on the move. You can take up classes after signing up  and then assess your current level of numeracy. 

Just begin an online journey to getting the Essentials of Numeracy.

Step 2 : Let's Exercise

Click Start Programme and this will lead you to a page with video lessons. Once you complete learning the technique, click finish. At the end of each lesson, you can download worksheets to practice.  Once you have practiced learning all the techniques, you can join the webinar session that take place on Tuesday Evening 5pm to 7pm to clarify your doubts (only kids) or revise your lessons again. (WEBINAR Sessions takes place every Saturday, that has a revision of all the 10 topics in the camp syllabus. )

Step 3 : Challenge 

The challenge focuses on the number skills that every kid requires to function at home or at school. You start by registering and completing the video lessons and webinar sessions and then take part  in the challenge to access your numeracy level.

Syllabus for UNSOLVED GENIUS Programme

Discover the Mathematician in you !

  • Multiplication by 11 & 111
  • Verbal Reasoning - Coding and Decoding 
  • Squares
  • Number Ranking and Alphabet Test
  • Cubes
  • Sandwich Multiplication 
  • Blood Relations 
  • Above the base Multiplication 
  • Below the base Multiplication 
  • 2-Digit Multiplication 
  • The Golden Activity Number 
  • Number Building Activity

So What's all about ATOMS ?

ATOMS is a unique venture set for India’s flourishing education industry. It is a one-of-its-kind educational institute devised to impart undiluted knowledge and techniques to students for mastering the multi-faceted discipline of mathematics.ATOMS’s mathematical courses are powered by well-grounded and time-tested principles of Accelerated Mental Arithmetic (AMA) that use pedagogic tools based on its very own model THINK - SOLVE - BUILD  using Problem Solving, Reasoning and Decision Making skills blended into the school's curriculum ! Founded in India in 2012, ATOMS Concept Education Studio Ltd. (ATOMS) was originally started as a Maths Innovation and Learning Centre. ATOMS has launched her maiden Numeracy Event in India through Gamified Quiz called INFINITY 2019-2020.


We vision to become a leading educational concept & provider, offering the most effective numeracy skills training to all student to unleash their potential to learn maths and put their numeracy skills to action for a better tomorrow. 
Powered by Numeracy Development


  • Psychological Understanding

    ATOMS understands the mental make up of children by delving deep into their psychology. This aids in better helping students learn and to effectively apply mathematical concepts in real life situations. ATOMS will be the first to deliver programmes through research oriented projects that leads to overall development of a young adult’s education.

  • Speed and Accuracy

    The speed, accuracy and credibility of calculations give students the competitive edge and elevated numeracy skills. ATOMS techniques frees the student’s brain from man-made clutches of technology reducing the dependence on calculators to solve simple and complex problems.

  • Centered on 
    Excellence and
     Continued Support

    ATOMS not only provides teaching but assessment support services that motivates learning. Through events such as Infinity Numeracy Challenge and Olympiads, ATOMS creates a competitive environment to test their interest and skill.

  • Complete Focus and Enjoyment

    ATOMS is geared towards excellence in mathematics without apathy or fear to face tests and examinations. Students enjoy the programmes with so much delight and could never skip a class for once.

  • Gamified Learning Experience

    You are not alone! Yes, we help you become numerate through gamified learning experience which will get you addicted to math!

  • Young Mathematician Award

    Encouragement is the key aspect of growth! We will boost your confidence and stimulate your inquisitiveness to explore the world of numbers through your discovery !




Mathematics is the most important subjects of all and requires detailed understanding of concepts. This programme is designed to make studying maths more enjoyable and kindles the curiosity of young and vibrant minds between the ages of 6 and 18 years old with activity based learning. Talent Developers are trained by our subject experts and we study every kid's attitude with personalised attention and provide necessary guidance. Every exercise and concepts will be finished in detail and students also have an option to choose and learn per exercise also, at any time and anywhere.



Science The Young Science Programme will include periodic review sessions that enable teachers to consistently monitor and evaluate student progress. The group range within the programme will have the following two components, where students can study each chapter individually or take up Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the same time.


AMA Programmes

AMA holds the key to unlock the creative potential in the young minds and coach them in a lively and participative style to instil readiness and preparedness to unscramble even the toughest of mathematical problems. 

 There are 3 levels where students aspire to achieve the Highest reward - The Young Mathematician Award !

AMA Programme adopts three point approach that works well across all mathematical areas in developing numeracy in children





Introducing Accelerated Mental Arithmetic (A.M.A) System

ATOMS offers an out-of-the-box approach to learning mathematics through AMA. It is a new way of effectively teaching mathematics. With conventional techniques responsible for nearly a quarter of the Global working age population possessing the numeracy skills of a 9-year old, ATOMS is positioned to disrupt the conventional intimidation exhibited by students for mathematics, replacing it with an ardent thirst and inquisitiveness to learn more and solve more. 

ATOMS is moving towards growth and expansion by making kids fall in love with maths through active and engaging Accelerated Mental Arithmetic (AMA) sessions that will make them a complete numbers individual. 

AMA Programme adopts three point approach that works well across all mathematical areas in developing numeracy in children

                                     Think : REASONING 
                                     Solve: PROBLEM SOLVING         
                                     Build : DECISION MAKING

  • Problem Solving

    The entire infrastructure of the ATOMS accentuates that human brain can work 100 times faster than a digital calculating gadget that accelerates kids to apply the learnt problem solving methods into real life situations. This would create a difference in approach for the subject. 

    The concept learning through problem solving brings the spirit of every student to unleash their potential to learn maths and put their numeracy skills to action for a better tomorrow. 

  • Reasoning

    Developing mathematical thinking is the key to reasoning skills. The world becomes competitive with testing the reasoning skills with no direction for futuristic use. ATOMS would mainstream the learning of core reasoning skill with out-of-the-box thinking. The concept allows students to reason their problems before they derive the solution. Logical Reasoning plays a vital role in overall development of a child and determines their economic prosperity and employment opportunity. 

  • Decision Making

    ATOMS focuses on collaboration – teaching students to face challenges instead of competition. ATOMS’ infrastructure and variance in learning experience will challenge learners to deliberate on math concepts, understand its application and attempt solving problems based on application with ATOMS’ expert guidance. The young mathematicians Nurture their decision-making skills through global exposure and experience, that will give them a strong foundation for research and development.

Our Achievements




A.M.A Modules


Talent Developers

We go a long way !


Awesome lesson

This is the first time when I've been really enjoying math!  I have got a lot of criticisms for my math skills, but this is where I got the confidence because I was allowed to learn in a way I love! Its teaching I believe which makes the whole difference.This has been the best way to learn math concepts ever. 100% recommended. Worth paying for it!

Anuj Siddharth


I am so pleased I signed up for ATOMS and stuck with it. The way the subject was explained and presented made it so clear. The AMA Programme gave me a clear guide to the basics which had previously left me rather uncertain and confused. This was achieved with a careful step by step approach with excellent clear guidance.

Rupesh A Sahani

Made my life

I have never been this grateful to anyone.Before coming here, maths was a nightmare for me. ATOMS just isn't a tuition but a place were I can explore myself. This is the place were I have fallen in love with maths. Here, everyday I not only learn new subject concepts but I do learn values which had helped me in my current life to succeed. 


I love math

I was quite impressed with the tutor and the novel approach to introducing math concepts. The lesson quizzes and mock tests were just enough to reinforce the concepts.

Neha Bagmar, UK

Worth it!

ATOMS has given me many opportunities than my school. It has given me self confidence and will power to follow my passion. They taught me that "mathematics is not just about solving equations but also dividing our sorrows, multiplying our happiness and being rational to every one" . It has made me Binary inspired. Love you ATOMS for what you give to a child for being numerate!

About our Founders

Srividhya Karthik, 

Founder and CEO

Founding Director of ATOMS and born in a land of the man “who knew infinity”, Srividhya Karthik’s inquisitiveness for numbers has driven her to choose to be a self-motivated educationalist. She holds a degree in Mathematics and, at the age of 17, generated new mathematical transformations and an algebraic identity. The quality of this work was recognized and accredited by Mathematical and Interdisciplinary Research, India. She has had the honour of being given the Intelligence in Mathematics award for her mathematical findings. Her passion for mathematics has led her to be an entrepreneur in the field of education as she has crafted leaders from across society.

Karthik Jagadeesan, 

Co-founder and CTO

Prior to ATOMS, Our co-founder, Mr.Karthik Jagadeesan holds a profound 12 year experience in the field of technology and is a person who is consistent in technical excellence , he is all geared up to step into the digital world of education, making the best of his skill for a better tomorrow !

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Frequently asked question

What is UNSOLVED GENIUS Programme all about ? Is it a course or just a Quiz? Can I participate just in the course/quiz or should I take both?

ATOMS Numeracy UNSOLVED GENIUS is a 10-Day Programme conducted online to benefit students sitting at home during the lockdown period. This programme enlightens the students with 12 modules including  6 techniques of problem solving,  4 essential reasoning lessons and 2 activity based learning module for decision making. After the programme the students are allowed to participate in International Numeracy Quiz that will analyse their numeracy level and provide detailed analysis report. It is mandatory for students to complete programme and then participate in Quiz. Both should be taken together.               

How to view Lessons ? How do you access the programme once enrolled? What if I skip one day? When is the last date of registration?  How long is the programme for?

You can click on start Programme and then start with the Day 1 video lesson. Once you finish Day 1 session, the next lesson can be done once you submit the online assignment of that lesson. Even if you skip one day ,you can catch up with the syllabus anytime you like as the days are not consecutive calendar days, but are just 10 days lesson overall. But Webinar sessions will take place in batches starting from August 20, 2020. 3 batches in a day ! Please reserve your seats to get the first hand experience ! You can recap any lesson until you take up the quiz.  This programme is organised for utilising student's time for numeracy development during the home-stay period, where we have marked the last date of the camp to be on 30th November 2020.

How do I make the payment? Is it secured?  Can I pay Offline? Is it inclusive of taxes? Can I get any refund ?  How much Should I pay? 

The fee you are paying will be ₹1999 inclusive of GST and payment portal charges. Students can participate from any country and the fee remains the same (Just the denominations will differ). Payments cannot be made offline due to the COVID-19 Lockdown.
For discounts and offers please contact 9840423300.
There is no refund in this scheme as you can take up this session anytime once you register.Webinar sessions are available only till Dec 2020 and thus those who register by June 2020 only are eligible to take up the revision webinar sessions. The payment gateway is very much secured and safe.                                                         

Why should I take up the quiz? Will everyone see my results? How to take part in the quiz? Can I share my results?  What will I receive if I take part?

This numeracy is a confidential assessment of the user’s problem solving skill and understanding. This assessment is very flexible and easy. Questions get harder as it goes. It will be amazing fun and engaging when you have a timer ticking and you will use the 12 modules including Problem Solving, Reasoning and Decision Making you have learnt in the UNSOLVED GENIUS Programme. This quiz will let you know your overall performance in Numeracy and identifies the areas that needs to be reworked. You will receive an e-certificate and high scores will get e-rewards too! HighScores are listed on the dashboard but, detailed results are confidential. You have a sharing button for E-certificate alone. You can share your certificates which represents you as a Numeracy Ninja, Math Wizard, Star Player, etc. on any social media.

 I am an NRI, can I take up this course?  Is this course only for students in India? How do I participate and what is my programme fee?

ATOMS CONCEPT EDUCATION STUDIO has come up with Online Programmes for children on numeracy to engage them efficiently during the home stay period and use this precious time to sharpen their numeracy skills and engage them in an competitive environment, making them feel alive! You can take up UNSOLVED GENIUS programme with Quiz from anywhere across the world and the course fee remains the same (excl. taxes, internet service charges, and currency conversion if any.) Register yourself as directed above and participate! This is an International Numeracy Battle and let’s see which country gets on the high scores!

Are webinars different from the UNSOLVED GENIUS programme ? Is the UNSOLVED GENIUS programme only with video lessons? How to interact with AMA experts ? When is the webinar? Can I join any slots? How to join?

Webinar Sessions are based on the batches you choose. You can choose your batches on the sign up form. We will intimate you on the slots booked for you within 3-5 working days. Scheduled of webinar live with ID will be sent to you along with the email. For any clarifications or if you want to interact with A.M.A Experts, you can contact us on +91-9840423300 or email to support@atomsinfinity.com. Webinars are available only on the mentioned timings.  Webinars will be available on zoom as of now. We are trying to upgrade ourselves to another application to help you serve better.The video lessons allow you to understand the basics at your convenience and the webinar will help you get engaged learning experience and ask doubts on the techniques.

What is the benefit of joining an online programme? Can two people take up in one login? How is it different from any other camp ?

This UNSOLVED GENIUS  Programme is just so easy to learn and challenge and will make your Home Stay period more memorable. You gain confidence over numbers and this will make a great impact on your exams! Moreover, you will challenge other countries and when you win them on numeracy skill, it makes you feel so good about yourself on Math! If you are a weak person in math, and you participate in this programme, we assure you that you will finish the programme with much enthusiasm to learn more in math ! Nothing like it, you will always stay ahead of others in life makes it the best gift ! Become your own numbers person and hence, no two people can take up this camp. Its only created for unique individuals to sign-in and attend. You get 12 modules of Think-Reason-Build components for just ₹1999. For offers please reach us out to +91-9840423300.






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